"We Offer Exceptional Banking... Every Day"

Regions Global Bank President's Message

Regions Global Bank exists because there’s a demand for an business investment bank where you are important, your bankers know your name, and service exceeds your expectations.

Regions Global Bank opened in July 2001 to provide an investment banking with the caliber of personal service banking that had been lost through a continuum of mergers and acquisitions in our marketplace.

Headquartered in London, our organizers and founders are international business people and bankers who have worked in the financial sector for more than 30 years. We understand the importance of developing and building strong affiliations with the international community and responding promptly and accurately to every client’s needs.

Our service philosophy is based on knowing our clientele, responding to their unique financial needs and working to earn our role as a Trusted Advisor. Our familiarity with local and international industries, ability to make decisions, and a staff that is well known by a large majority of individuals and businesses in the area, are the foundation from which we’ve built our success.

Your Success is our Mission. It’s our way of doing business and our commitment to offer added value in every customer relationship. We believe this philosophy, coupled with an experienced and dedicated team of banking professionals, will result in continued growth in local businesses and a successful bank that supports an exceptional community.

I invite you to experience the lasting value of a long-term relationship with a bank that delivers the service you deserve—Regions Global Bank.